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Garbage bin shutter

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Do you have foreign garbage in your bin? Or do you have trouble controlling it?
The proper separation and disposal of household waste, waste paper and organic waste is often not handled carefully enough:

  • improper disposal of hazardous waste (batteries, chemicals, etc.)
  • household waste and rubble can be found in your own bin
  • electrical equipment and electrical components end up in your own bin

We have got a solution for you:
A garbage bin shutter - a glass fiber reinforced molded closure system that prevents unauthorized opening of the cover.
The shutter can be installed easily without screws or any similar mounting on tons of 60-360 liters.
The shut-off prevents ...
     ... penalty notices for false waste separation
     ... opening by unauthorized persons
     ... animals access to the refuse container
     ... garbage on the street by overturned garbage bins
     ... additional costs resulting from foreign waste found when weighing
Available for different waste containers 660-1100 liters on demand.

This product is also available as a low-priced set of 3

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