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System Biologic

Organic waste concentration without flies, maggots and stench!

An all year 14-day clean, odourless and hygienic concentration of organic waste and leftover is possible because of the filter cover.

With biotechnology it works!

Microorganisms and active enzymes do triple work:

  •  decomposition of smell
  • composting inside the container
  • hindrance of mushroom growing
  • no unhealthy escape of spores

Esthetical and hygienic:

  • no flies, maggots, rats...
  • no unfiltered exchange of indoor and outdoor air
  • reducing of mould spores

The cover that shuts tightly:

  • tightness because of an elastic double-seal
  • vermin-attracting gases can not escape; get-into of pests can be prevented
  • unproblematic and fast mounting with all saleable container systems (MGB and DU)
  • simple handling and fast filter-exchanging
  • robust and matured construction after DIN EN 840

A system that pays:

An area-wide change-over is costs neutral in the first year; in the following years charges can be reduced

  • 14-day removal intervals are even in summer possible without any problems, additional costs for staff and logistic drop
  • no costs for servicing in 2 years of filter using
  • scientifically tested
  • practice-proved

Please note, that our Biologic- and Madelo- covers do not work with container of the Edelhoff-company! Measures for cover choosing can be found in the article description. 

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